Short and Long-Term Care Services


Diamond Life Nursing Center provides short and long term care program for residents.

Services include 
Medication and Nursing Service
 Primary Health Examination by Doctors, Physical Therapists and Certified Nurses
 Health Check and Consultantation by Doctors
 24-hour Care Services from Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Personnels
 Physical and Mental Check with Monthly Report
 Brain Function and Memory Examination Monthly

Exercise Program and Recreational Activities to Improve Health
Rejuvenate Physically and Primary Exercise by Physical Therapists
Recreations for Physical, Mental and Brain Recovery by Occupational Therapists

Daily Services
 3 Meals Per Day and Snacks Following Dietitian Advice
2 Resident Uniforms Per Day
Laundry Bedding and Cleaning Daily Service

Key Card to Enter the Center
24-hour CCTV Inside and Outside Residence

Comfy and Safe for Elderly Following Universal Design
Modern Cozy and Clean Room Decorated with Electronic Devices and Full of Facilities

such as Electronic Bed, Smart TV, Wi-Fi and Air Conditioner.

Public Area for Residents
 Sky Garden
 Activity and Recreation Room
 Physical Therapy Room
 All-Purposed Area
 Complex Zone consisting of wellness clinics, restaurants, and cafes


Primary Activity and Recreation for Residents

All residents can join every therapeutic activities and recreation. We set up to improve body and mental health and also social skills. All activities and recreations will be set up following the schedule.

Therapeutic Activities Examples
 Music Therapy
Natural Therapy
 Religious Activity
 Outdoor Activity**
 Physical Therapy for Recovery
Exercise Program for Body Improvement
 Group Therapeutic Cctivity Program
 Individual Therapeutic Activity Program**
 Brain Training Program**


Recreational Activity Examples
 Game for brain and memory enhancement 
 Singing and Social dancing
Health Care and Innovations Seminar for Residents

* Some therapeutic activities and recreations are flexible for an individual patient regarding to the condition
**Some activities may have an extra charge such as individual therapy programs, brain training programs, outdoor activity


Primary Physical Therapy for Residents
  Primary physical therapy includes regular physical recovery in the charge of doctors, nurses and physical therapists closely. In addition, we also provide special physical therapy where will set up in the complex. 


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