Holistic Health Development and Anti Aging

Personalized Wellness-Advisory Service

Wellness-Advisory service for Holistic Health, Food, and Supplement by specialized Anti-Aging doctors.
Holistic Health Advices
Appropriate Food Choices
Recommended Supplement Routine

IV Therapy Services
IV Therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, is is the administration of delivering nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and use by the body. IV Therapy is the fastest way to deliver nutrients throughout the body sinceit bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the organs, resulting in a 90-100% absorption rate (as opposed to only 20-50% possible orally).

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is the most popular formula for the senior this day since it plays a significant role in promoting brain cells and body function. Therefore, it also known as a anti-aging supplement. 

Benefits of NAD+
Repair damaged cell
Boost metabolism
Promote brain and body function
Promote good memories and vision
Increase energy
Slow aging
Fight fatigue
Reduce cholesterol level

IV Therapy Program
- NAD+ : Promote brain and body fuction 
- Enery Booster : Increase body energy and fight fatigue 
- Detoxification : Detoxification 
- Immunity : Promote immune system 


Vitamin Injection Service
Vitamin injection enables direct delivery of key nutritional supplements including vitamins or antioxidants directly into the body through the veins. For instance, currently Vitamin D injection is the most faviorite program of elders due to the various benefits.

Benefits of Vitamin D Injection
 Promote immune system
 Promote bone health
 Balance sugar level
 Prevent depression
 Ease of stress

Vitamin Injection Program
- Vitamin D Injection 300,000 IU 

Aesthetic  Services 
to slow the aging effects and promote youthness 
 Hydrating booster for dried skin 
 Promoting face lifting 
 Eliminating pigmentation 
 Redesigning face shape 

Botox, Filler Injection

IV Drip for Anti-Aging (NAD+)
Eliminating skin pigmentation by
Picosecond Laser 

All medical treatment taken care by Anti-Aging doctors

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